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Austin Floorball Club : Code of Conduct

For the official International Floorball Federation Rules of the Game, check out:

AFC Code of Conduct


  1. The Code of Conduct applies to all participants including players, captains, board members and referees involved in any Austin Floorball Club (hereafter AFC) adult leagues, pickup games, tournaments, practices, and play days.
  2. The Code will be strictly enforced.
  3. The Code applies to participant conduct before, during and after all league and/or pickup games, tournaments, and any AFC sponsored events.
  4. Participants will be held liable for damages caused by willful, destructive conduct.
  5. It is the responsibility of each team captain to ensure that all participants know and adhere to the rules and regulations of the league, including the Code of Conduct.
  6. All incidents will be reviewed by the AFC Board of Directors and an unbiased Special Conduct Committee as necessary. (Special Conduct Committee to include: VP, a referee representative, and 3 other unbiased persons (TBD))


  1. The Austin Floorball Club Board of Directors has the power to impose penalties as prescribed within the AFC Code of Conduct in coordination with the International Floorball Federation Rules of the Game (
  2. The Vice President will collect all the necessary documentation. In cases where penalties are specific, the Vice President will impose said penalty. In cases where the penalty may be imposed in degrees, the Special Conduct Committee will meet within ten days to rule on the violation and impose the penalty.
  3. Within five business days, penalized participants may appeal in writing any decision made by the committee, to the AFC Board of Directors.
  4. The AFC Board of Directors will meet within ten days of receipt of the written request. The board has the power to modify code penalties. The decision of the board will be final.


  1. STRIKING OR THREATENING AN OFFICIAL OR PARTICIPANT - No participant shall bump, shove, strike, touch in a threatening manner or threaten with bodily harm, any official or participant. The official is required to immediately suspend said participant from further play, and notify the Vice President. Said participant will remain suspended until he/she is reinstated by the Board. The minimum penalty is a 14-day suspension. The maximum penalty is suspension from all Austin Floorball Club-affiliated functions and events for life. A second incident involving the same participant will automatically invoke a minimum penalty of suspension for five calendar years.
  2. UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT - Any verbal abuse directed at an official or participant, or any other objectionable behavior, including brash demonstrations of disagreement with an official's decision (e.g. cursing, yelling, threatening behaviors), shall be defined as unsportsmanlike conduct. Unsportsmanlike conduct will be punishable by the International Floorball Federation Rules of the Game. The official is required to notify the Vice President of all unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. Multiple occurrences of unsportsmanlike conduct from the same participant can result in said participant's suspension from all Austin Floorball Club sponsored leagues for one calendar year or more as determined by the AFC Board of Directors.
  3. DISCUSSION OF AN OFFICIAL'S DECISION - The team captain will be the primary person to discuss or challenge an official's decision. Players other than the team captain may inquire about an official's call in a friendly and constructive manner. Aggressive, challenging, and persistent disagreement with an official will not be tolerated. Offenders will be warned by the official. Continued infractions shall be judged as unsportsmanlike conduct and the offender will be subject to the penalties prescribed in section III-B.
  4. DANGEROUS PLAY - Intentional and accidental rough behavior in the play of the game directed toward another participant shall be defined as dangerous play per the IFF Rules of the Game and per discretion of the AFC Board of Directors. Dangerous play shall be judged to be a minimum of a 2-minute bench or a 2+10 unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and will be subject to the rules prescribed in section III-B.
  5. EJECTION; FAILURE TO LEAVE - Any participant ejected from a game by an official must immediately leave the facility; out of sight and sound. Failure to do so will carry a penalty of said participant being suspended from all Austin Floorball Club games for any amount of time deemed necessary by the AFC Board of Directors.
  6. EJECTION - A player that is ejected due to Match Penalty is not allowed to participate in the next scheduled game. A player who is ejected for multiple occurrences of a Match Penalty in one season will be suspended for the remainder of the current season. (and possibly all, or a portion of any following season entirely under the discretion of the AFC Board of Directors).
  7. No refunds will be issued for any loss of play caused by violations of the AFC Code of Conduct.

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